Coheed and Cambria have spent their whole career built around The Amory Wars saga. The prog-rockers are continuing that trend with their latest album, The Afterman: Ascension. You can stream the new record before it goes on sale tomorrow (October 9).

The Afterman: Ascension is the sixth full-length release from Coheed and Cambria, and continues the Amory Wars sci-fi epic written by frontman Claudio Sanchez. The New York rockers don't depart from their unique style, which features Sanchez's helium-like vocals, dramatic guitar riffs, creepy femme-bot voices and haunting piano keys.

Ascension is part one of Coheed's double- album project, with The Afterman: Descension scheduled to be released in February of next year. "Though all the songs can be interpreted through our main character in the story, they were initially written in a very spontaneous manner," Sanchez said in a statement. "I allowed the events of my life to drive the concept, and therefore opened up the songwriting to a fuller degree."

Head over to Rolling Stone to stream The Afterman: Ascension in its entirety here. Hopefully Coheed and Cambria make a return to Grand Rapids after touring in support of their previous album, Year of the Black Rainbow. Watch Claudio perform the Coheed classic "Wake Up" in our studio when they were in town two years ago.

Watch Claudio Sanchez Perform "Wake Up"