'Storage Wars' is a show on A&E where some guys bid on abandoned storage space, rummage though junk and see if they can find rare items. Recently, they uncovered an old skool NES console and games and thought it was worth big bucks!

As the dude was sorting through a bunch of crap, he stumbled upon a rather beat up NES, and he said this.

"NES-001, guys. I want you to look at this very carefully. This is the first Nintendo DS built. The last one that sold with five games in the internet for $13,000."

Firstly, he called it a Nintendo DS! THAT'S NOT EVEN THE SAME CONSOLE! And the reason that other Nintendo sold for $13,000 is because the lady who sold it online, just happened to have a sealed copy of the rarest NES game of all time: Stadium Games. Included with the bundle.

I bought my NES way back when for like 40 bucks with a bundle of games...

Gotta give the guy credit, at least he tried, and I guess you can't know everything in the world. But do your research dude, your on national television.