Grunge veterans Stone Temple Pilots returned to Grand Rapids a year after their show at the DeltaPlex last August, and somehow had MORE fans come see them at Rock the Rapids Tuesday night. The weather was perfect, the beer was flowing and the band kept playing for an hour and a half  of 90s nostalgic bliss.

Stone Temple Pilots have gone through a lot of ups and downs, including breakups, drug problems and other setbacks that would permanently end most bands. However, STP shocked the rock world when they announced their reunion back in 2008.

After releasing their sixth self-titled studio album in 2010, the band has been touring nearly non-stop and entertained 4,500 fans in downtown Grand Rapids. With Rock the Rapids getting off to a rocky start on Monday, everything seemed to work in the festival's favor during Stone Temple Pilots' headlining night.

The group went through hits like "Sex Type Thing", "Interstate Love Song", "Plush" and more, with fans singing along and remembering how life was much easier during the decade of flannel, Super Nintendo, Beavis and Butt-head and everything else that made the 90s f--king awesome.

STP's more recent material was also well-received, with songs like "Between the Lines" and “Hickory Dichotomy” from their self-titled record getting a great response from the crowd. Luckily, frontman Scott Weiland seemed to be into his performance, dancing on stage throughout the night and not getting into any incoherent ramblings like last year.

Rock The Rapids made the right choice to move the festival to downtown Grand Rapids. The vibe was awesome and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Hell, I saw people on top of buildings camping out to watch the show. If you didn't go last night, watch Stone Temple Pilots perform "Interstate Love Song" and "Plush" below.