Hour 1

We talked about a guy this morning that attempted suicide nine times and failed every single time. He didn't even change up his plan at all. He tried it the same way all nine times by trying to jump off an overpass. This somehow got us on the topic of a young Free Beer's hijinx, when he and his friends would put a purse in the middle of the road on the end of a fishing line. When someone would go to pick it up, they would reel it in. A new fountain was put up in New London, CT in a town square. They had to shut the water off indefinitely because homeless people were using it as a toilet and shower. We got on the topic of the homeless people outside of our building. Zane was able to solve the problem pretty easily: dictatorship!

Hour 2

During the CWTTAB segment, a listener in Nashville called in to tell us that the Westboro Baptist Church was coming to town soon. He wanted to get the word out so a bunch of people would show up to protest their protest. If you're in the area, find out when it is and help out! A rock star has come forward recently with a pretty absurd revelation about Elvis. Alice Cooper said that back in the early 70's while hanging out with Elvis one day, he was asked by Elvis to shoot him in the head. Elvis then showed off his kung-fu skills and kicked the gun out of his hands. Crazy! The part that we found the most amazing was that Elvis and Alice Cooper hung out.

Hour 3

Hulk Hogan has a new adversary! When Randy Savage died, Hulkster said that he and Randy had mended the fences and were starting over. The Ultimate Warrior has chimed in and is talking all kinds of trash about Hulk now. On his last day, Dr. Stupid revealed something that his mother said about Zane after meeting him at the Donkey Basketball game a few weeks ago. The effects were pretty devastating for Zane. We went over a survey that showed, not surprisingly, that women aren't as in to getting nude photos from guys as guys are in to getting them from women. We got some female listeners on the phone, however, that disagreed and said they loved seeing crank photos.

Hour 4

Be sure to check out the Video Reel for the clips we played this morning of more sports announcers losing their minds at the end of games. These never get old for us! Delta Airlines is probably having a bit of a rough day. They're getting a ton of criticism because they charged soldiers returning from duty in Afghanistan a few thousand dollars to check their bags. You can see the video posted by the soldier in the Video Reel. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,000 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

Today is Stache and Dr. Stupid's last day. Stache in particular seemed to be taking it pretty poorly. He came in to the studio and told us that he's afraid he's going to be forgotten after he leaves. We assured him that was not the case. We closed the show by revisiting the revelation that Dr. Stupid told us his mom had earlier in the show> Talk to you on Friday morning!