Nintendo has a new console coming up soon named the WiiU. Sony doesn't want to back down for this holiday season which is quickly approaching (PREPARE FOR WINTER and CRAZY MOMS!) So what do they do? Let's release a new model of Playstation 3! At some pretty reasonable price points for what you get.

So here is your ultimate choice. Do you get the newest in gaming technology? Or do you go with an upgraded version of the really good technology? Well if you have been wanting to get a Playstation 3 for years, now may seem to be the time to get one. As Sony has announced two new models of the Playstation 3 gaming console.

Let me break it down for you.

1. The first model will be 250 GB of HDD. The bundle will also include Uncharted 3 and a $30 'digital content' voucher for 'DUST 514'. This bundle will cost a reasonable $270. This model will hit shelves on September 25th in two colors, white or black.

2. The  second model will come with a whopping 500 GB and Assassin's Creed III! This model will arrive on shelves on October 30th, but does not carry a price yet. My guess is that it will be somewhere around $350 to $400 or so.

Now what makes this PS3 so special? Well not to much really, they have just altered the look of the PS3 and the hardware inside. The new PS3 is 25%  smaller and 20% lighter than the current gen PS3 console sitting on your shelf and has a glossy look compared to the 'slim model.'

Right now you can get a PS3 160 GB slim model for around 249.99. Which honestly, 160 GB is a ton of space. Unless you are spending some good cash on download titles, 160 GB might not be for your. Most gamers I know though purchase games at local game shops, thus they usually only install games or save games. Even with that though, 160 GB is a perfect amount of space.

So if you download lots of games, save music, pictures, or have Playstation Plus. The new models may be for you because you need all of that space! If you are just a casual gamer on the other hand, and play a game here and there. The older 160 Gb model is all you need!

It all depends what you are going to do with it.