Sony was met with "ooos! and aaah! and boooos! at their big press confrence today. Here are some highlights from their big show!

Sony had no problems showing some big titles this year, such as the highly anticipated Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and many more, but what really grabbed the eye of all the attendees was the new hardware Sony has in store.

First up: PSVita (formerly PSP NGP) This is the successor to the Playstation Portable. It is going to have 2 analog sticks, Six Axis motion gaming, full download game system (goodbye UMDs), Augmented Reality Cameras (Nintendo 3DS anyone?), and rear and front touchpad and screen. It all sounds great, but the real controversy, a full partnership with AT&T and the use of their 3G network for the PSVITA. It was met with applause and displease. Two price points have been confirmed, $250 for the non 3G version and $299 for the 3G version. But, a plan might have to be purchased to use the 3G network. Pay to play anyone?

Lastly, and yet a HUGE technological leap is The Playstation Branded 3D Display. This thing is crazy! How? Remember playing split screen games? Maybe having system linked game consoles with 2 TV's? Well, this is still amazing to me. But with the new Stereoscopic glasses created by Sony, 2 players on a PS3 can look as the SAME TV, and see two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IMAGES! It's like watching 2 channels on one screen!!! WTF??? HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THAT!!! I need to see to believe! Sony plans on bundling this 24" awesomeness with a PS3 and Resistance 3 for a clean $499. That is and effin' steal!

Although there are more great games coming out, these 2 hardware items take the cake.