The Tigers are red hot right now (winning something like 11 straight games) so I've been watching a ton of baseball lately. Got me to thinking; what are some of the more unusual things that have may have happened in the game? That's why I've decided to present to you: "JT's unbelievable moments in baseball" or as I wanted to title it "JT found some cool s___ on the internet when trying to get out of doing real work"

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    Player Sticks Home Plate Landing

    Up first is one of the greatest plays in baseball. Watch as this player rounds third and heads for home. Here comes the throw. Catcher has it and ultimately it looks like an easy out...but alas...wait! An acrobatic feat of biblical proportions is performed on the baseline that will leave you stunned or if you're a gymnast, maybe just mildly amused.

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    Disappearing Ball

    Next up is a play that would make a magician envious. The baseball is hit straight back to the pitcher but OMG! Where did it go? Now you see it and now you don'! NOTE: You may find the vid even more entertaining if you understand fluent Japanese.

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    Triple Play Miracle S___

    Triple plays are rare in baseball but on March 15th 2008 the Florida Gators turn a triple play against the Auburn Tigers. Keep your eye on the second basemen great heads up play by him.

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    The Holy Grail... The QUADRUPLE PLAY!

    I triple dog-dare you to guess what is better than a triple play? How about a Quadruple play! Watch this stunning play by a t-ball catcher who's heads-up mentality puts away not one, not two, not three, but FOUR menacing members of the opposite team. A truly spectacular feat. Ok, maybe the feat itself isn't so spectacular but the video production rocks!

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    Crazed Gets Owned

    Normally jerk fans who run on the field annoy me but this dude gets owned big time. Crazy guy tries to shake Suzuki Ichiro's hand at a Mariners game only to be tackled hard by security. Gotta bet the security guy was once a great football linebacker at one point in his life cause this is comparable to a great NFL tackle. Take that ya piece of crap guy who nobody wants to see your dumb a__ run on the field dude.