Slipknot are gearing up for their headlining trek on this year's Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. It's been a long and uncertain journey for the metal group ever since the death of bassist Paul Gray in 2010. However, fans can stop worrying about Slipknot calling it quits and can look forward to a new album in the near future.

Speaking to Kerrang! (via NME), Slipknot member Clown (AKA Shawn Crahan) said he will come to terms with his friend's death after their North American tour.

"We'll probably take some time off," Crahan says. "It could be a month, it could be a couple of months, maybe even a year. After that time, I'll be over the immediate grieving process for Paul. I'll never be alright with it, but that's going to be enough time to get focused".

While 2013 would be the earliest that a new Slipknot record is released, the idea of the group reaching back to their past should excite fans. The percussionist revealed that the new disc would sound like 2001's Iowa but with less of the rebellious theme.

"The next album, it's going to be serious," states Crahan. "I feel that it will be a lot like Iowa, but it'll be 'for' things, rather than 'against' them. Iowa was against everything, even ourselves. But this next record, this will be for ourselves, for Paul, for his family."

Slipknot will headline the 2012 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, which also features Slayer, Anthrax, The Devil Wears Prada and more. The tour will stop by Chicago on July 21 and Detroit July 22. Check out the official Mayhem Festival website for details including ticket info.

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