There has been a feud for years now on whether who was the first group to wear mask on stage, and the contest was between metal groups Slipknot and Mushroomhead Even though  both of them were not the first, that honor goes to GWAR. Even that is debatable! Both bands are freakin' awesome, but lead vocalist Corey Taylor of Slipknot is putting all things to rest.

Corey Taylor recently has been doing a lot of private shows to promote his new book. During these private shows, he performs some acoustic songs and even takes a Q & A from the crowd.

One person in the crowd asked about the feud with Mushroomhead on Corey went on to say:

“My problem has never been with that band, my problem was with their fans at the time. The first time we played Cleveland, their fans came down, mind you we didn’t f—ing say s–t, their fans came down and threw everything but rocks at us. They hit Paul in the face with a padlock the size of my fist; this is while we’re onstage.”

He was also asked if he would share the stage with Mushroomhead:

“I’d love to put that together and just see what f—ing happens – Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Gwar and Mudvayne.”

This in my opinion would be the ultimate show! No other concert that I can think of would top this. Well....maybe, but it would be an amazing show. One night of PURE THEATRICAL METAL! I might even mess my self as I continue to think of this metal fest.