Former Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash opened up about the status of his next solo album, as well as not letting his song with Black Eyed Peas member Fergie getting remixed, Corey Taylor's VR audition and more. Slash revealed that he has handed songwriting duties to Alter Bridge vocalist and touring companion Myles Kennedy.

Speaking to Rock Radio (via Rock AAA), Slash says that he loves working with Kennedy.

“At the moment we have the same exact band as last time with Myles on vocals. He is one of the most fantastic singers I’ve ever worked with, he is amazing. So we are actually knee deep in the writing for the next record as we’re all going to perform on it."

The musician continued to say that the new record will more than likely see a release in 2012 due to being on the road so much this year.

“It’s going to be really good as the material we have is awesome," said Slash. "Our turnaround between records is a little slow because we’ve been touring so much but it should come out next year. So lately it’s been a lot of writing and I’ll send a copy of something I wrote to Myles and he’ll write lyrics to it but we haven’t got in as a band to start doing pre-production yet.”

The guitarist also touched on his collaboration with Fergie on the song "Beautiful Dangerous" and how he wanted to keep it a rock song despite the prospect of a crossover-appealing remix.

“I was asked to remix ‘Beautiful Dangerous’ to more of a dance version but I would only remix it to a certain extent, as the way they wanted to [do it] I was like…. ‘I can’t do that.’

And those rumors about Corey Taylor being Velvet Revolver's new lead singer? Well, that was apparently SO six months ago.

“There is a lot of controversy over this one," admits Slash. "Yes, Corey came down but we had kept it pretty quiet but word got out that we had worked with him. We had written some songs with him and made some demos and stuff but it just didn’t end up working out. Then word got out about him coming down way after the fact. So then it became this new rumor that was six months behind schedule but it didn’t end up working out.”

Jeez, you can't keep anything a secret these days, even if no finds out until months later.

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