Hey all! Eric Zane here.

It's Rhoades McKee Reed's Lake Triathlon-Duathlon time again! The benefit is coming up Saturday, Sept. 6.

I will be out there racing in the chariot division, while raising awareness for the A-T Children's Project.

This year, I'm not alone! Michigan Titanium winner "Fast" Jimi Minnema is racing chariots with me.

Jimi is pulling Kate Veldink, while I'm pulling Olivia Veldink! The Veldink girls, from Jenison, suffer from Ataxia Telangiectasia, a neuromuscular degenerative disorder that is devastating to its victims.

The Rhoades McKee Reed's Lake Triathlon-Duathlon includes the triathlon (½-mile swim, 17.2-mile bike and 4.9-mile run with three-person relay teams allowed) and duathlon (2-mile run, 17.2 mile bike, 4.9 mile run). You can sign up for the races here.

We're raising awareness and cash for the A-T Children's Project by offering sit-ins on "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show."

For a tax-deductible $250 donation, you can sit in on our show in our brand new studio at 97.9 WGRD with free breakfast.

You can sign up at the race site at Collins Park in East Grand Rapids on Sept. 6 at the table with the A-T Children's Project banner.

If you can't make it and just want to help, click here.