Recently on my show, I told Steve The Web Guy that dogs were better.  He replied, "better than cats?" to which I answered, "better than people."  This conversation prompted me to put together my list of the top 10 living things on the planet.  Here it is.

1 - Dogs

flickr, eschipul

Dogs are the best.  They are loyal and adorable.  I've never met a dog I didn't like.

2 - Trees

flickr, Jan Tik

How boring would the scenery be without trees?  Plus they provide shade, oxygen and are perfect for kids whose parents can't afford swing sets.  You can climb them or tie an old tire to them for hours and hours of great fun.

3 - Fish

flickr, Tim Pearce Los Gatos

I like fish because unlike almost every other animal, they don't invade the territory of others.  Sure, you may encounter some problems with fish should you enter their water, but you will never be attacked by one if you stay on land.

4 - Birds

flickr, Caveman Chuck Coker

Birds have super powers, they can fly and they come in many different beautiful hues.  Plus their hunting skills are undeniable.  I once had a bird swoop down from out of nowhere and snatch up one of my pet newts out of his tank while cleaning it on the back porch.  One of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed.  I felt bad for the little guy, but had to stand in awe at what I had just seen.

5 - Cows

flickr, dhyasama

Cows provide us with bone strengthening milk and a good steak is always a nice treat.

6 - Elephants

flickr, sarahemcc

How bad ass are elephants?  They are intelligent, they eat peanuts and they can do tricks.  Also, I love that footage of that elephant turning heel on everyone at the circus and stomping over everything in site.

7 - Lions + Tigers + Bears

flickr, Dave Stokes / mcdlttx / whippets chrichri

The king of the jungle, my favorite baseball team and shake that bear.

8 - People


People are the only creatures on my list who could also appear on the top 10 worst living things on the planet.  For the most part though, I believe people generally mean well so I'm comfortable putting us at #8.

9 - Bats

flickr, US Fish and Wildlife Service - Northeast Region

Bats are like rats but like birds, they can fly.  Wicked.  I don't know anybody who likes bats, for that reason alone I have to respect them.

10 - Bigfoot

Bigfoot media inc.

I like Bigfoot because he doesn't bother anyone.  We live in cities and are obsessed with trying to find him, yet he leaves us alone.  All he wants to do is keep to himself and walk around.  I respect his peaceful nature.

If you have a topic you'd like me to make a list for, let me know...