Did you guys hear about the creepy Phoenix Arizona middle school teacher that got arrested for trying to solicit dog sex on Craigslist? Not like doggy style sex, more like actual creepy sex with a dog! This one is horrible!!

A buddy of mines kid actually goes to this school, that’s how I found out about it. 25 year old Patrick Trejo of Phoenix Arizona is a disgusting, horrible, dirty, douche bag, and I have no patience for guys like this. Patrick, who is a music teacher at a Phoenix middle school by the way, was on Craigslist looking for a dog to have sex with. Yea, this creepy dude was posting ads that said “K-9 play” and would then say, “ hit me up if you have a pup that would like to play”, and he was posting these ads in the creepy sex section of Craigslist! So it was clear the guy was looking to have creepy man sex with a dog. What an asshole. Thank god an undercover cop found the ad and then posed as a dog owner willing to let him have sex with his dog in exchange for money. They met at a hotel, where the dirty creepy dog sex was suppose to take place and then a bunch of other cops swooped in and arrested this disgusting waste of a human life.

Guy was charged with conspiring to have bestial sexual contact with an animal and was placed on administrative leave from the school where he taught. Lets hope that guy gets the maximum sentenced possible, lets hope he gets fired from his job and never works in a school again. Better yet, lets hope he gets prison man raped to death and dies a horribly painful slow bloody butt rape death. No mercy, no rehabilitation, just death! That’s what he deserves. Anyone that abuses animals deserves death, at least that’s how I see it. And if you abuse animals, I hope you die too!