Wingstock 2011 headliner Seether have finally premiered the music video for their hit single "Country Song". The theme of the clip matches the tone of the song, complete with a Wild West shootout.

The story starts off with a young boy playing with his toys who happen to have a make-believe life of their own. You know things are about to get intense when Seether strolls into town on hobby horses. That's how badass outlaws are supposed to make an entrance.

The toys move into the saloon for some good old-fashion poker, featuring army men, astronauts and other out-of-place ruffians. The shots of red Kool-Aid are flowing freely when things start to get out of hand. Sheriff Bear and his group arrive to hand down justice, which leads to an epic showdown Young Guns-style.

Oh yeah, and there's a spaceship.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think. "Country Song" is the first single from Seether's upcoming album, Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray, due out May 17.

Don't miss Seether, with special guests Hinder, Sick Puppies and Wayland, June 11 for Wingstock 2011 at Fifth Third Ballpark. Tickets are available at the Fifth Third Ballpark box office or you can buy them online.

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