The world is already scary enough…haven't we been punished enough with Jersey Shore, the Kardashians, and Facebook?  

Why aren't these damn scientists taking heed of the lessons taught to us by "The Terminator" and other movies about the evils of artificial intelligence?

Cyberdyne created robots and built Skynet. End of the human race.

What was one of the early steps to building a sentient computer?  Probably a f****** robot bug, that's what!

Some idiots scientists are working on uploading a honey bee's brain into a flying insectobot before then end of next year.  Seriously.

A bug.

Made of metal.

That won't die.

WTF is wrong with scientists? Why don't they just admit they're pissed that they don't get laid and they want to kill off everyone else to cut down women's options?

Now, before we even have to worry about Arnold killing us by mistake while he's looking for a potential savior of mankind, we have to worry about freaking flying metal bugs that won't die!

I bet this got TONS of government funding.

The Evil Honey Bee-Bot