CBS news had an incredible story this morning about a guy who created the fastest bus ever! I swear some dudes have way too much money on their hands.  There is a part of me that is glad the dude isn't saving poor people or trying to feed the world with his excessive riches. Not this guy. Instead, he bought a jet engine and put it into the back of a bus.

Now my 5th grade bus driver Mrs Winch was the baddest of the bad when it came to hauling ass in a giant yellow torpedo. Her drinking did get the best of her at times though as I swear some mornings we would careen around corners on just two wheels and God help you if you didn't climb aboard the minute the door pulley opened the swing doors cause I swear the bus really never technically stopped. Better sit your ass down quickly too cause any hesitation in choosing a seat could kill ya as the G-Forces of acceleration could cause you to tumble hard down the nasty dirty bus aisle. Late arrivals be damned Mrs Winch was champion of getting us to school with hours to spare. But even this bus would challenge her skills.

Watch this bus with its 21,000 pounds  of thrust & 42,000 horse power engine haul ass at over 320 miles per hour.  Do me favor (if you are able to) see if the driver is wearing a John Deer hat, chewing red man and screaming "find a seat NOW and SIT DOWN!"   That my friend, would my beloved Mrs Winch and it wouldn't surprise me at all if she is the one piloting this spectacle.