Hour 1
Because Producer's Joe and Steve are gone, our old intern Stache is back to cover for them. We caught up with him a little bit before discussing the big story over the weekend: Betty Ford's death. Derek Jeter hit his 3000th hit the other night and that is huge.

Hour 2
Free Beer was giving an update of his talks with Producer Joe over in Spain and it seems he got injured before even running with the bulls. That will be unfortunate when he runs tomorrow. The Zaner has cat-gate going on at his house. This of course reminded us of excellent cat audio when they freak out. We played the audio of Casey Dugard speaking out about being captive for so long.

Hour 3
We started the hour off replaying Producer Joe's stunt from Traverse City: Cherry Festival Jerk. Intern Thurman Murman shared a football story from high-school. He retaliated a freshman who decided to share some warm water in the shower. The hour ended with our first check in with Producer's Joe and Steve

Hour 4
A white supremacist said some stupid stuff in front of someone he didn't like and the dude punched him right in the face. In the Free Beer and Hot Wings Report we talked about Jeter's 3000th hit. We shared some stories from the parade while we were up in Traverse City for the Cherry Festival. This included audio of Zane taunting a General Manager for a competing radio company from the parade float.

Hour 5
Producer Joe and Steve checked in to share with us stories about the bull racing. One of which involved a terrible story of seeing one get killed in front of them. Producer Joe also followed it up in the next segment explaining how he injured himself and how apparently Spain doesn't have ice for him to make a cold compress for his ankle. Some guy is apparently making and selling lots of Gummi Bear Bratwursts. That just seems a little odd. See you tomorrow!