Royal Bliss has been pumping out solid rock 'n' roll for more than 15 years.

The band is getting a jump on 2014 with the release of its new single, "Cry Sister."

The "Cry Sister" vid is a mixture of performance by the band and a narrative that splits between a female statue and several real-life females posing as statues, with both starting to weep and crack under pressure. As for the Royal Bliss performance, frontman Neal Middleton starts the track with an understated vocal belying a certain swagger that basically sets the table for an explosion at the chorus backed by driving guitar and drum work.

"The video was a concept from director Chris Le," Middleton said. "He is the same guy that did our 'Crazy' video.

"We shot it in one long day. We are always down to be surrounded by beautiful women and wild animals. It was an awesome experience and we feel he did a great job representing the song. There is some pretty deep symbolism in there. Hope you all enjoy."

Middleton adds: "'Cry Sister' is one if those songs that just happened. I was in a fight with the old lady, had a bit to drink, headed to the studio with the guys and just started jamming. We jammed for three hours trading instruments and just letting it go. I went back and listened to the recording and found the song 'Cry Sister' in the middle. I was pretty pissed off at my lady and obviously needed to get some frustration out. Music has always been my therapy and it's times like that when our best stuff pours out. There is no mathematics in our songwriting."

"Cry Sister" is featured on Royal Bliss' forthcoming album, 'Chasing the Sun,' which drops Feb. 18, 2014.

The band's tour schedule is available here.