You might not have heard of the movie Lazer Team before this post, but it will be really funny, if the track record of Rooster Teeth holds true.

I've been watching their stuff since season one of Red vs Blue, which is entering its 13th season on the internet as the longest running web series! It's hysterical, if you haven't seen it.

Last year, the company announced its biggest project to date, the feature film Lazer Team (and, yes, the spelling is meant to be that way).

It's a sci-fi comedy that went up on IndieGogo, and became the highest funded independent feature film for IndieGogo! How cool is that?

Yes, I contributed.

They've just released the first full trailer for the movie, and I can't wait!

The plot is this: In the '70s, a signal was sent to warn the Earth of impeding danger, and that help would be sent for one warrior to defend Earth. Fast-forward to now, when a ship carrying the power suit for Earth's hero, but instead, four idiots find the ship first and put on pieces of the suit, which bonds to them, and they are now Earth's only hope.

You can guess this won't go well.

Check out the trailer and then get ready for the movie coming out later this year!