Asking Alexandria are looking to make it a dirty dozen in Rocktagon wins tonight. Their new opponent is Detroit duo IAMDYNAMITE.

Asking Alexandria hope to add on to their record Rocktagon winning streak with "The Death of Me." Their latest album, From Death to Destiny, was originally set to be released last November. However, English metal rockers decided to delay the release and make sure the album was the best it could be.

"The original release date was supposed to be November of last year," guitarist Ben Bruce tells Loudwire. "We missed that, obviously. Not through being lazy, but just because this is our third record and we were taking great pride and taking the right amount of time to make sure we’re completely happy with it."

IAMDYNAMITE released their debut full-length record Supermegafantastic in June of 2012 via Brando Records. The two-man group of Christopher Martin and Chris Phillips want to make you dance. Some of their songs are like a weird cross of fellow Detroit dance rockers Electric Six and NYC punk poppers Cobra Starship. Listen to "Hey Girl" below and vote for who you want to move on.

Watch Asking Alexandria's "The Death of Me"

Watch IAMDYNAMITE's "Hey Girl"