Sometimes odds don't really matter.

A Rockford family with 11 boys just had their 12th child...another boy.

With 12 kids, travel and dinner are no doubt a challenge.  12 boys?  Wow.

Rockford's Schwandt family has 12 boys.  The youngest is just 3 days old.  The oldest is 21.

The two oldest boys drive, which is a big help, but not enough to stop the chaos.

Kateri is the Mom.  She talked to

It's not hard getting them all together. The difficult part is keeping everyone calm.

"Right now we're just enjoying it, and we do enjoy it," said Kateri. "It's work and it's chaos and it's crazy, but that's us."

We're they disappointed they didn't have a girl?  Kateri told The Today Show:

We gave up a long time ago on a little girl showing up in this family.

Congrats to the Schwandts on the arrival of Tucker Ray!

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