If there is one person you don't want to mess with, that is GOD! Especially when GOD...is Lemmy of Motorhead. Recently, the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame did some sort of event where they borrowed Lemmy's historical 'Ace of Spades' jacket.....sad part is.......the Hall of Fame lost it.......GOD is pissed.

The R N' R Hall of Fame asked if Motorhead would like to be nominated to the Hall of Fame, but Lemmy says NO!......Until he get's his jacket back...in an interview with Artisan News

"They lost my 'Ace Of Spades' tour jacket. They had this heavy metal presentation thing and they said, could they borrow a pair of boots and a bass and my 'Ace Of Spades' tour jacket, so I lent it to them, and they said they lost it. A likely story. Look me in the eye and tell me again. One of their girlfriends is wearing it, no doubt."

Damn straight Lemmy, stand up to those dumb asses who think ABBA and Madonna are rock...many HUGE acts have been snubbed out of nomination from the Rock Hall...like KISS, DEEP PURPLE, and a few other amazing acts. Those bands don't get nominated ever! But Lemmy is such a badass, he get's nominated and refuses....now that's effin' METAL!