Rex Brown, former bassist of Pantera/Down has split ways with Down and has formed a  new band/supergroup named 'Kill Devil Hill,' with members of W.A.S.P, Dio, Black Sabbath, and Pissing Razors. After 23 years of being with Phillip Anselmo (Pantera/Down vocalist), why did Rex leave 'Down?'

While commenting on 'Down,' Rex had this to say, "I was playing with DOWN a whole bit and I just kind of got tired of the… You know, Philip and I had been together 23 years. And when I first met these guys  in January of this year, when I walked in and we played in the rehearsal room, it just clicked. The chemistry and everything that went along with it… I mean, it's so easy to say that, but really… I just said, 'To hell with it. This is what I wanna do.' . . . I didn'tmake an announcement at all; I just quit."

Now where does this sound familiar? I can recall a time where Phillip did that same thing with Pantera, but he just left and never really told anyone. Seems like Rex and Phillip after 23 years have have common ground when it comes to departing a band!