A new Resident Evil game came out! When a new RE game arrives on shelves, I get pretty excited. It's my favorite game series along with Legend of Zelda! So when I heard a new RE game was coming out, I got really excited! So I went to my local game shop, picked this beast up...played it....and.......well.....

It's ok....not great by any means though. I would toss this game under the file of, "Once I am done, I am done."

It just controls horribly! The game flat out has horrible control! Also, the lack of ammunition is so damn frustrating. I find myself running out of ammo ALL OF THE TIME! There is little ammo refill zones, but they are never where you want them to be. Oh....and that damn knife melee....*&$! that knife! It barely does anything...it cuts a limp off a zombie and stuff, but try doing that on a Spec Op...they will hack the living crap out of you and guess what? YOUR ARE DEAD!

I'm so stuck on a part during this game right now because of the horrible controls and unbalanced gameplay! I expected more from RE...

The story line keeps me interested from time to time. It takes place during the story of Resident Evil 2 and 3 (which are my personal favorite RE games). Like I said, the story is solid, just the gameplay ruins the crap out of this game for me.

Single Player? Don't do it........this game is meant for Online Play......which is hard to do because I think I am only guy in the world that has yet to trade it in!

Agree or Disagree with me, RE has had better days. I am sure Resident Evil 6 will rock my face off.