I have a guilty pleasure, I like really stupid, girly, chick flicks. That said, Reese Witherspoon has always done a great job in aiding in my guilty pleasure. So I guess you could say I liked her... the key work in that statement is "liked" That was until her and her husband got pulled over for a DUI the other day and responded with the most asinine comments I have ever heard to an officer. She goes on a rant about being an American citizen which seems fairly irrelevant. Her husband on the other hand seems pretty level headed... Watch this video and tell me what you think. I just think she must be living pretty far from reality at this point to act this way... I think this statement says it all;

"Witherspoon: Do you know my name sir?

Trooper: Don't need to know it. (inaudible)

Witherspoon: You don't need to know my name?

Trooper: Not quite yet...

Witherspoon: Oh really. Ok, you're about to find out who I am."