The Detroit Red Wings earned a hard-fought victory against the Anaheim Ducks last night (May 6) to tie their quarterfinal Stanley Cup playoff series at two games a piece. Center Damien Brunner scored the game-winning goal during the first overtime period, cashing in on a rebound against Ducks goaltender Jonas Hiller. While that's great news for Wings fans, the real highlight was a young woman in attendance who decided to express self-love during a break in the action.

As Deadspin kindly pointed out, the referees and staff at the Joe Lois Arena were working on one section of the glass during the game. The NBC Sports camera crew were aimed at the work being done when a female in a grey tank top was intensely shaking her boobs at the refs.

There are a few thoughts that ran through my head when I saw this clip. Maybe her chest was itchy and she needed to relieve them without scratching. That didn't sound very attractive so I dismissed that thought from my mind. As Tom Ley wrote in the Deadspin post, she could have thought she was insulting or praising the refs for their performance. Maybe her hands started to spasm uncontrollably and they happen to be holding her breasts at that very moment. More than likely she knew she was on camera and seized the opportunity to be blogged about on the Interwebs.

Regardless of her reason, we appreciate her fiery spirit (and NBC's convenient camera work). The Red Wings head back to the west coast for Game 5 against the Ducks tomorrow night at 10PM. Let's see if a Ducks fan will try to outdo Jiggly Boobs Girl.

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