A few years ago, you might have seen a pretty cool movie called, "Quarantine", with Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter's TV sister), where she followed some firefighters into a building that's, well, quarantined.  

It's a pretty cool flick, but the movie it's adapted from is kick ass.

It's called "[REC]". It's a Spanish language movie, but is more brutal, and scary than the American version.

It's had a couple sequels already, even "[REC 3]: Genesis" was pretty cool, with the whole wedding thing, and...well, just rent it.  It's sort of a zombie movie, but with a little different spin.

Now, the original star of "[REC]" is back for "[REC 4]: Apocalypse", and it's set in a claustrophobic setting: a ship. It looks pretty bad ass, and I hope it hits theaters around here so I can check it out!