It’s no fun when a big rat takes a bite out of your penis! I was drinking with this chick a few nights ago and we were sharing crazy news stories we both had recently heard, and she told me about this guy. A 54 year old NY guy doing time in a Nassau County Correctional Facility, had a few mental issues, so the prison people moved him to the mental ward of the prison for a psych evaluation. While he was in the mental ward, the guy says a rat crawled up threw a hole in his mattress and bit him on the hand, arm, and penis!

Guy says he was sleeping naked, and the rat just crawled right over and took a big chunk out of Mr. Johnson’s head! Ouch! He was taken the jail hospital, and sure enough the prison doctor confirmed that there were bite marks on his hand, arm, and Penis, and now he’s suing the prison. He says he has emotional scars, and that he now suffers from sexual dysfunction from the rat biting his penis.

The guy did go to court recently, and a judge ruled that his case does have merit and that he can go forward with the law suit. No word on how much he’s asking for. Probably $10 million bucks! That’s what I would ask for if a rat took a big bite out of my penis and I couldn’t use that sucker anymore!