The WWE has apologized for a comment made on the July 30th live episode of Monday Night Raw by manager A.W. (Abraham Washington) in which he compared wrestler Titus O'Neil to Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado.

Here is what he said...

The WWE immediately had announcer Michael Cole apologize to the fans in the arena and watching at home.

WWE later issued a formal apology and A.W. took to Twitter saying, "I would like to apologize to all the WWE Universe for my inappropriate and insensitive remark. I went to far with that joke. #NotFunny!!"

I agree that the joke isn't very funny, but I can't believe that the owner of All World Promotions doesn't know the difference between the words "to" and "too" and how to use each word properly, even if All World Promotions is a fictional company. - Shaffee