Coming from the country of Germany, Rammstein is nothing more than PURE METAL. When you hear this band, all you can think of is hard riffs, pyro, even more pyro, and more metal. Seems like they want to bring this to America!

I couldn't be more excited for a show than Rammstein! Seeing these dudes live is one of the best metal shows ever! They literally strap flamethrowers to their heads and shoot fire. All of their lyrics a mostly German too. Even if you don't understand German, nothing can match the raw power the Rammstein brings to their stage shows.

The closest it will be hitting West Michigan are the below dates:

May 4 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena-On Sale NOV 19

May 6 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills- On Sale NOV 18

If you thought you saw a lot of fire on stage at other shows, you have seen nothing yet until you have seen Rammstein. If it can't burn, Rammstein will find a way to make it burn!