Q: I have been denied medicaid in the past, will I be denied for the Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP)? 
Answer: No, this is an entirely new category of Medicaid that opens the program to many people who have been denied before.

Q: I have a marketplace plan right now, is it possible that I might qualify for this plan?
Answer: Yes, there is a small window of people who qualified for assistance through the Health Insurance Marketplace who will also qualify for this plan. If you are approved for the HMP you will need to cancel your marketplace plan.

Q: Can I stay with my current doctor if I qualify for the HMP?
A: Healthy Michigan Plan participants will enroll in a Medicaid Health Plan. The 5 Medicaid Health Plans in Kent County are Priority Health, Meridian, Molina, United Health Care and Mclaren. Check with your current doctor to see if they accept these Medicaid Health Plans.

Q: Is there a monthly cost?
A: There are co-pays for services received. These co-pays are tracked by the health plan and averaged into a monthly cost, but they are based on the actual services received. Some clients whose income is above 100% FPL my have some additional cost sharing based on a % of annual income. The health plan will provide consumers with this information.

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