Happy Presidents' Day everyone!  That’s right.  It’s Presidents' Day.  If you’re lucky, you got the day off today to sit around and relish in the great accomplishments of James K. Polk, Rutherford B. Hayes and Benjamin Harrison (they were all presidents, in case you weren’t sure what the letters stood for in that nifty pneumonic device that you still remember that your fourth grade Civics teacher taught you).  If you’re like me, you associate holidays with food.  “But what is a Presidents' Day specialty”, you may ask?  Fear not, citizen!  I present to you Producer Steve’s top 5 presidential dishes for your President’s Day party!

#5 - Washington Pie.  Named for our first President, this light custardy confection is similar to a Boston cream pie, but with additional layers of raspberry jam inside and a sprinkling of confectioner's sugar on top.  This just reinforces my stance that anything with sugar on top is phenomenal.

#4 - Peanuts.  OK, not really a “dish” per say, but Jimmy Carter loved them and I do too.  Mash them up and add them to something if you really need to consider it a “dish”.

#3 - Bill Clinton Burger.  There’s a place in DC called Madam’s Organ that has a burger named after our 42nd President.  It’s described as a "Fat All America, with a large dill and a slice of the side." (overheard from Meredith while writing this blog: “Does the Bill Clinton Burger have special sauce?”  Good one, Mere!)

#2 - Grover Cleveland Goulash.  It’s a little-known fact that Grover Cleveland had a taste for the exotic.  This concoction of noodles, meat and veggies was also rumored to contain venison, eel and scorpions!  True story!

#1 - Pureé of wild ducks Van Buren.  Named after our eighth President, Martin van Buren, this soup is described as a mélange of veal knuckle, roast duck, and plenty of butter.  Sounds like something Paula Deen would cook up.

Happy Presidents' Day, everyone.  God Bless America.


***some things in this post may be blatant lies***