For the last two and a half years, I’ve been in a long-distance relationship.  My girlfriend still lives in NJ and I’m here in West Michigan.  The plan was always for her to move here but, until just recently, nothing seemed to work out.  While I was on vacation, someone from the office called me and said that there would be an opening and my girlfriend’s name came up.


Some back-story...


She also works in radio.  That’s how we met.  She’s the one that schedules all of the commercials that everyone always calls and emails us complaining about (Commercials are a necessary evil.  Get over it.).  Well, the person that has that job here at GRD was just promoted, leaving an opening.


Long story short, she’s movin’ in!  So in the span of a 24 hour period, we’ll go from being in a long distance relationship and seeing each other about 5 times a year to living AND working together.  Needless to say, this should provide for some funny content on the show.


My reason for this blog is because I need your advice.  I’ve only lived with one previous girlfriend before with disastrous results.  Do I change my lifestyle to accommodate her?  Do I make her adjust to the way I do things?  Do I stop farting in bed? 

Another tangent...


My alarm went off this morning at 3:30, as it does every morning.  When I rolled over and reached to shut off the alarm clock, I let out this magnificent, trumpet-like honker fart that could probably be heard  in Sparta.  The first thing I thought?  “Oh man, I’m not going to be able to do this when Mere moves in”.
That’s right.  My girlfriend is uprooting her live and moving 700 miles for ME and the only thing I’m concerned with is how I can’t fart in bed anymore.


So please, send me your advice in the comments below.  I obviously need it.