Believe it or not, not everyone that hears the show loves it immediately!  Shocking, right?  Hell, we have people that listen on a daily basis and still hate us!  Each time we add a new station, though, there’s a whole new legion of people that hate the show that come forward.  This is always a bit depressing for me, because I like to think that we put together a pretty entertaining show.  However, I understand that it sucks for John Q. Listener when his favorite station makes a change.  Hell, I remember when Eagle 106 in Philly changed formats and “The Nut Hut” was no longer doing mornings.  That was a sad day for me.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite comments from the Facebook page of one of our newest affiliates.

At least we’re consistent...I guess?

I cannot argue with the sheer accuracy of this statement.

I’m not sure if ‘lil Dylan here has a concrete grasp on the judicial system.  I apologize for him, America.

These are always my favorites...the word play with the name of the show.  I know Meister-Brau is a beer.  But what is “GV brand frozen”?  A regional thing, perhaps?  And c’mon, Tony.  Surely you can do better than “duck wing”!  Take a few minutes, gather your thoughts and come back with something better.

What was your impression of the show the first time you heard it?  Has it gotten better or worse?