The other day, I was reading an article in an online forum that asked parents to reply with the secrets they knew about their teenagers that their kids didn’t know they knew.  I don’t have any kids, but it was still really interesting to read and find out what kids think they can get away with.  I then had a moment of horror when the realization came over me that my parents probably knew exactly what I was doing and trying to hide from them in my awkward teenage years.  I’m now completely horrified of being a parent, but also excited because I think it’ll be really fun to put my kid in awkward situations where I out them about their hijinx.

I posted the same question on our Facebook page earlier today and here are what I believe to be the top 5 responses.  Keep ‘em coming!

From Garrett in Flint

“He doesn't know that I know and he doesn't even know that he knows, but I know he's gay.”

Editor’s note: This made my brain hurt.  And if your son is gay, you need to be more sensitive, Sally.


From Josh in Grand Rapids

“I know where the missing towels are and I know what he's using them for.”

Editor’s note: Ah yes, the ol’ missing towels.  A right of passage for teenage boys.


From Isabelle in Mississippi

“My son spent the weekend at his girlfriend's house and thinks I found out because I tracked his phone via GPS. I didn't...but I am not telling him how I found out!

Editor’s note: Well aren’t you quite the ‘lil detective!


From Kristie in Kentucky

“Caught my kid whacking off! He didn't see me, was too engrossed in his activity, so I just quietly crept away!”

Editor’s note: I’d imagine this is pretty common for parents, right?  Still though, that sucks.


From Cody in Grand Rapids

“My kid has been collecting his sperm in a 2 liter and hiding it under his bed for like 3 months. His room stinks.

Editor’s note: This is so f’d up.  Blog over.  But keep the responses coming!