Hour 1

It's summertime and that means that there's a new bunch of deep fried crap that is popping up at state fairs. This year's new delicacy: deep fried Kool Aid! Some guy has managed to make little nuggets from Kool Aid powder. They look a lot like donut holes. A drifter celebrated his 58th birthday recently by downing nearly 50 beers. He was arrested for urinating in public and when asked by police if he drank too many, he said that he probably had 5 beers too many! Producer Joe talked about some of his early wedding plans this morning, including the plan to have a ice shot luge! We then questioned him about his top draft picks for best man in the ceremony.


Hour 2

Tracy Morgan is still doing damage control for his homophobic comments during a stand-up show in Nashville. Even some of the people that originally had his back are backing off that stance and distancing themselves from him. He appears to be owning it though and continues to apologize. Producer Joe sent us a video the other day and instructed all of us to wait until we were on the air to watch it, except for Free Beer. The video is from a helmet-mounted camera that a guy is wearing while riding his motocross bike. You can see that in the Video Reel. A guy came up with a terrible idea to make a few thousand dollars. He built a bomb and then called it in to the police. He then showed up at the police station to collect a reward, where he was promptly arrested. Based on this, we took calls from people to find out what their scam was to make a quick buck.


Hour 3

We played the audio of a store owner's reaction to a car accident at an aquarium. He's hard to understand, which makes it very funny. You can see that in the Video Reel. We watched a news story where a man named Lord Jesus Christ was hit by a car. Despite Producer Joe's best efforts, we were unable to get the Lord on the phone to tell his story so we left him a voicemail. Free Beer picked up a new board game the other day to pull questions for Dumber Than Zane Trivia. We decided to use some of the questions this morning in a new game called Who/What/Where?


Hour 4

A 17 year old Canadian athlete who is an Olympic hopeful turned himself in to police yesterday after being shown in a photo participating in the Vancouver riots. He had a great crying confession that rivaled some of the greats that we have played in the past. Check that out in Cool Links. In the FBHW Report today, we talked about the latest Pledge of Allegiance controversy, as well as the comments that Roger Ebert made on Ryan Dunn's death. Based on the way that Ryan Dunn is being remembered after his death, we asked listeners to call in and tell us what they would be known for when they die.


Hour 5

The actor that played Percy from The Green Mile is in the news for his recent wedding. He married a girl that is only 16, 35 years younger than him. We took a look at some pictures of her, as well as her music video, and definitely don't think she's only 16. We talked about a woman who was super pissed because her son did not make the travel baseball team. She sent threatening letters to team coaches and school officials and ended up getting arrested. We closed the show by playing one more round of the wildly popular game Who/What/Where that we played earlier in the show.