This is a story of a person or persons who are being investigated by Signature Investigation Group (SIG).  This weeks case involves a woman hiring SIG to insure that her ex-husband is taking proper care of their daughter during unsupervised visitations.  The ex-husband is known to be an alcoholic and might be putting the child in danger during these visitations.  Read the whole story after the jump.

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Some of the details of these stories have been changed, including:
Names, Cities, Ages & Irrelevant Details.

Signature Investigations Group was hired by a lady (Jane) to perform surveillance on her ex-husband as he was just given the right to have unsupervised visitation with their daughter after years of supervised visitation due to his severe abuse of alcohol. The ex-husband (Robert) had recently gone through an outpatient alcohol and drug rehab facility and was extended the new unsupervised visitation rights with protest from Jane.

A SIG investigator setup surveillance in the parking lot of a McDonald’s where the family was to meet on a chilly Saturday afternoon. Soon Jane arrived and waited for Robert to exchange their daughter for the few hours appointed by the court. Robert arrived in a dirty black Saturn and got out and immediately hugged his daughter. They placed the car seat in Robert’s Saturn and after a few minutes of chatting Jane left and Robert and his daughter went into the McDonalds for some lunch. He watched her play in the indoor playground. Approximately 45 minutes later the two left in Robert’s car and headed South. The investigator began mobile surveillance.

Within 10 minutes Robert arrived at his next stop, a local bar. Robert exited the Saturn and entered the bar out of view of the investigator while his daughter remained in the car. The investigator continued to take video for evidence for his client. After 20 minutes the investigator was extremely worried as the young girl was still in the car in the parking lot. The investigator was unaware if Robert was consuming alcohol or just talking to a friend.

The investigator wasted no further time and blocked the Saturn in with his vehicle to protect the young girl in the event Robert attempted to leave.  The investigator then entered the bar. The investigator was able to quickly locate Robert and began a covert video recording while the man finished a beer and watched a college basketball game. The investigator then left the bar and re-entered his vehicle, which was still blocking the Saturn from leaving.

The investigator immediately called 911 and explained the story to the dispatcher.  He also stated that he was blocking the car in until police arrived. The investigator re-entered the bar and utilized covert video camera to capture Robert drinking yet another beer before exiting the bar to watch the girl until police arrived.

After the police arrived, the mother was contacted by the police to come pick up the girl and Robert was detained by the police. The police checked the young daughter who was unharmed. SIG’s investigator was verbally assaulted by Jane for not contacting her personally, but the investigator had done the right thing and actually protected her and her child. Jane has since then wrote a letter to Signature Investigations Group on behalf of the Investigator thanking him for saving her daughter’s life.

SIG’s video evidence was utilized in court to prove Robert’s drinking habit had not been kicked and that he was a danger to his daughter.

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