Pop Evil were able to come home for the holidays and rocked The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids for GRD's Holiday Mayhem. The band showed their softer side with an acoustic Live Blitz before the show. Watch unplugged versions of "The Monster You Made", "Somebody Like You" and more.

Pop Evil made sure 2011 was another successful year under their belt. There was a risk that their new album, War of Angels, would not see the light of day. Luckily for the band they were able to find a label that believed in them.

"There was a time when the actual album was not going to come out," says frontman Leigh Kakaty. "With powers that were out of the band's control it would have been a big mess. We feel very fortunate."

As for Pop Evil's plans for 2012? More time on the road.

"Nonstop touring," Leigh confirms. "Just constantly playing, getting on the grind. Very blue collar Michigan Pop Evil way. One fan at a time, one city at a time."

Watch stripped down versions for "The Monster You Made", "Last Man Standing" and "Somebody Like You" below.

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