All of the League of Legends podcasts and webcasts in one place! This list will be ever growing! So, if you have a LoL podcast, webcast, or video series let me know in the comments section and I will add it to the list. Enjoy!

  • The All MIA Podcast

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    Hosts: Paradox, Archonwarp

    While probably the funniest of all of the LoL podcasts, The All MIA Podcast is also quite informative. The show features a range of players with a variety of rankings, and occasionally they have on professional players as guests. Feature segments on the show include: UMADBRO and the Post Podcast Game. If you are looking for a podcast that can be serious at times and quite funny the rest of the time, then this is the podcast for you.

  • Demacian Weekly

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    Demacian Weekly is one of the shortest LoL podcasts, so if you are looking to only spend 30-45min listening then this is the podcast for you. The information is helpful, but not that indepth. Features on the show include: Playlists, pro or dud, and champion of the week.

  • Queue Dodge This

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    Hosts: Wexiomatic, Kaern

    QDT is targeted at the "up and coming League of Legends player". Most of the information that is given during the show, experienced players will know. But if you are just starting out in LoL, QDT can help you immensely. Features on the show include: Best for new players and featured song. QDT also does a separate show almost every week that is called Champion of the week. Champion of the week is an in depth look into a characters, this week they featured Lux.

  • State Of The League


    Host: Travis "Tnomad"

    This is probably the most informative and best LoL webcast out there. They recently partnered with CLG, so the sky is the limit with this one. SOTL constantly has on professional level players like HotShotGG and Elementz. If you want to stay up on the LoL competitive tourney scene this is your best source.

  • 25 Minutes To Surrender

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    Host: Jmazing

    25 MTS is the first podcast I became aware of and it held my attention for a long time. Jmazing is a very good host and he brings focus and comedy to the show. The cast has bronze, silver, gold, and platinum players; bringing a variety of viewpoints to the show. The show took a long hiatus over the summer, but is now back with new episodes. The season 2 shows aren't as good as season 1, but they still provide entertainment and some great insight into the game.

  • Meta Talks With Elementz

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    Host: Elementz

    This is one of the best run downs of each new patch that you can get. Elementz always has some great insight into what each little piece of the patch means for each champion. It seems like he usually records these at the ass crack of dawn, so he is often out of it and will make pretty dumb jokes/errors throughout the webcast. If you want the inside scoop on what champs will be viable in the new patch, this is where you go.

  • Minions Have Spawned


    Hosts: Autech, Dirty Joe

    I really enjoy this podcast, it gives some great information and has a few humorous moments. The casters have a good balance between them and play off one another well. One bonus to this podcast is the fact that it is usually the only podcast that includes a full patch notes feature each episode. Feature segments on the show include: Frito of the week and listener questions.

  • LoLPod

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    I haven't had a chance to listen to this podcast yet.  A review with features will be coming shortly.

  • Summoners Rountable

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    This is a brand new podcast, only on it's 2nd episode. It was JUST submitted to me, so reviews and features are upcoming.