While mowing the lawn the other day, Steve the Web Guy's girlfriend asked if she could take his picture.  Steve the Web Guy decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to show off his sexy body.

Check out the perfect tan and defined physique.  I personally invite you to photoshop this amazing picture placing Steve in any situation your imagination can produce.  The best photos will be posted to this site and talked about at great length on the air.  - LIKE SHAFFEE ON FACEBOOK

All of the images below are submitted by WGRD listeners.

Technicolor Assblast  (fo sho)

Daniel Jacobs

Toasty Knight

Nell Bell

About to Own These n00bs

Tim Robertson

Tug of Love

Austin Powers?

Steve the Groundskeeper

Robby Devroy

Turtle Orgy

Steve Webguy Jr

Sexting Gone Wrong

Ray Thomas

We can't stop & We won't stop

Trina Bina

That is a wet one!

Robb Woods

Steve The Web Guy - Gangnam Style

Troy Redmond

Blown Away

Jon Kranz

How long do I have to hold this open?

Robb Woods

Twerk Team Steve

Ryan Lindsey


Aaron Taylor

Penis: What gets the lawn mowed

Devin VanTatenhove

Anal Aliens


Steve the Web Guy posted the picture on reddit for people to photoshop and got two pretty funny images from it.  You can check those out below.

Set this lawnmower to Ludicrous Speed!!!

Reddit / suprsolutions

Dat ass

Reddit / Joshua--