Back in August, Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals made a tour stop here at The Intersection. It was most likely one of the most intense metal shows I have ever seen. Let's just say, Phil knows how to command a crowd. So of course, how could I not take this opportunity to interview this Metal Legend!

August 7th 2013, Phil Anselmo and The Illegals made a tour stop here in Grand Rapids, I had to take the opportunity to have a chat with one of metal BEST front men. We chatted about Pantera, Rex Brown, DOWN, Housecore Records, his upcoming AUTOBIOGRAPHY (looking very forward to that).

The cool thing about sitting down and talking with Phil, is that he is a very down to earth and nice guy. Even after the interview, we chatted about the typical "rock star," Metallica, and how rock stars today are all about themselves and not about the fans. They look at it as a chance to earn massive cash. Phil, even after the show...sat down in front and met fans for well over an hour after the show. I took a lot from this interview besides JUST the interview, and that is sometimes all I ask for \m/

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