Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes and is the most common reported phobia.  About one third of all people are abnormally afraid of snakes.  

Some snakes can kill you quickly and because they are great at hiding, it's possible you'd never see it coming.  That's why all people should fear snakes, but the ones who are so afraid that they'd almost die merely at the sight of a snake, should seek some type of help.

That's what a group of snake-fearers in France did last week.  They attended a show meant to cure their fear of snakes.  Optimistic that they'd soon not be consumed with a fear of snakes that has caused so much stress and anxiety in their lives, they then most likely took a million steps backward in any attempt to cure their fear.

During the presentation, a 53-year-old snake handler was bitten by a viper and died.  The audience freaked out in panic as the viper's venom entered the man's bloodstream.  The man collapsed and suffered a fatal heart attack.

Not only are these people not cured of their fear of snakes, but each had to buy new underwear.

I couldn't find footage of the attack so here is a clip of Andre The Giant's dangerous encounter with a snake. - Shaffee