Video games have become more and more popular over the last 30 years, changing from something only a few total dorks spent time on to something everyone is doing.  

Games are taking over everything, from TV to movies. All the commercials are for videos games, or are based on something from a video game. They're everywhere!

If you're playing video games, that's great.  If you're taking these games past the point of the game into something completely new, are you still playing or are you creating something else?

There are people out there who are beating games with no weapons, only using a knife; or building their "civilization" past the end point of the game, just to see if they can do it.  

People are using the creative mode of Minecraft to build complete recreations of things like ... the earth ... the USS Enterprise ... other video games ... even achieving the highest level in WoW without killing anything, or making their character an NPC who never goes anywhere or does anything! Where's the fun in THAT?

What do you think about people using the games like this? Too much time on their hands? Super-creative?

Here's a tour of the Enterprise, recreated in Minecraft.

Enjoy this hysterical Swede, "The King of Sweden", who wants to "be a f****** Viking", and is certainly a "f****** psychopath", playing Skyrim complete without weapons.  Wildy've been warned.

Who wants to be a f****** walrus, anyway, right?