Patrick Stump will give fans an early treat before he releases his solo album later this year.  The former Fall Out Boy frontman will drop a new EP via iTunes next week.

Traunt Wave will be available for download on Apple's music store starting February 22.  The collection contains songs that didn't necessarily fit with Stump's upcoming album Soul Punk.  The singer released a statement regarding the EP on his website:

Hi guys,

Formal album releases take so much time to prepare, I'd like to announce the release of Truant Wave, a digital EP I've put together of songs I felt strongly about but didn't have place for within the narrative of Soul Punk.  Having recorded Soul Punk as the sole performer and writer, creating Truant Wave also presented a welcome opportunity for me to work with some of my gifted friends on my solo material.  Anyway, I'm psyched on this EP, hope you like it. See you on the road.


The tracklisting for Traunt Wave is as follows:

1) Porcelain (feat. Alph-A-Bit)

2) Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

3) Cute Girls (feat. Om’mas Keith)

4) Love, Selfish Love

5) As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid

6) Big Hype (feat. D.A. of Chester French and Driis)

Soul Punk still does not have a definitive release date, but it is expected to drop in stores this summer.  What do you think?  Can Stump prove he can be successful without Fall Out Boy?  Let us know below.

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