This week, GRD regulars Papa Roach and Three Days Grace are releasing new albums.  The Connection, featuring the song "Still Swingin'" is the 7th studio album from P-Roach, while Transit Of Venus, featuring "Chalk Outline" is the 4th studio album from 3DG.

With both bands releasing new albums on the same day, I figured we'd create some heat by putting them up against one another in a poll to determine the better band.  Papa Roach or Three Days Grace?  You decide.

First, review some of their music...

PAPA ROACH from Vacaville, California, United States

Papa Roach - Facebook

Debut Single - "Last Resort" released September 18th, 2000

Biggest Hit - "Scars" released May 23rd, 2005

New Single - "Still Swingin'" released July 24th, 2012

THREE DAYS GRACE from Norwood, Ontario, Canada

Three Days Grace - Facebook

Debut Single - "I Hate Everything About You" released July 14th, 2003

Biggest Hit - "Pain" released June 3rd, 2008

New Single - "Chalk Outline" released August 14th, 2012

Of course music is completely subjective, but just for fun...