It's no secret that Papa Roach are pretty mad at their old record label, Geffen/Interscope.  Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix himself told me that when I interviewed him at Muskegon Summer Celebration earlier this summer.  However, that hasn't stopped the Vacaville, CA-based band from continuing to slam the imprint.

Shaddix told Rock AAA: “There’s a lot of two-faced s___ in this business. Geffen/Interscope p____ me off – it was a really bad ending with them.  They released a greatest hits record against our will.  We told them we didn’t want to do it because we were at completely the wrong point in our career.

"They owe us a good chunk of money and they don’t want to give it to us.  We’re like, ‘F___ you, we’re done.'"

Papa Roach have found a new home with Eleven Seven.  Shaddix also hinted that Papa Roach's next album might have a dubstep influence.

“I’m listening to a lot of electronic music just now.  I discovered the dubstep scene about a year ago – it’s cool, really beat-oriented.  But it has a hard, aggressive sound too.  We’re not going to turn into a dubstep group but we might use the groove.  I love some of the keyboard sounds – they’d be cool in the background of some Roach tunes.”

Check out the music video to the band's latest single, "Burn", which is a middle finger to Geffen/Interscope.