In my opinion, Vulger Display of Power was Pantera's best album they ever released, with staple tracks like "Walk" and "F______ Hostile," Vulger Display is that album you need to pop in to just unleash any kind of aggression you have at the time. Seriously, try it sometime! For last 20 years, we have been confronting our aggression with this amazing album.

If you don't feel old yet, thinking that this album is 20 years old is a pretty good reality check. I have this album on vinyl, CD, and digital. That is how awesome this album is to me, and should be for you. Vulger Display of Power is that MUST HAVE metal album!

Pantera will be celebrating the 20 year anniversary with a special edition of album that will include 2 disc. The album will also include the previously unreleased track, "P___" as well too. The second disc will be live performances from Pantera on DVD.

The Special Edition is due out in May!