When you hear the name Ozzy Osbourne, it can't be helped to conjure up images of a fierce heavy metal titan biting the heads off bats. However, the Prince of Darkness wants everyone to know that there are many sides of the Black Sabbath frontman that don't receive enough attention.

As SPIN points out, Ozzy was the latest guest on Redbeard's In The Studio as this year marked the 40th anniversary of Black Sabbath's fourth studio album, Black Sabbath Vol. 4. The star of The Osbournes discussed a variety of topics, including the reason why the original Sabbath lineup dissolved in 1979.

"What happened with me and Black Sabbath was that, in the beginning we all had a purpose, but as it went along that inevitable thing stepped in called ego," Ozzy explains. "The fact is that success does change you. When you're hungry, you all have one goal, and that is to get successful. It affected me. I didn't give a sh--. I was full of cocaine and all the rest of the crap I used to do. That stuff makes you talk total horse crap. There shouldn't be a problem in the world, 'cause we [thought we] solved them all in the bathroom of a hotel with a bag of that white powder."

Before a younger generation became familiar with Ozzy Osbourne as a mumbling senior citizen from MTV's hit reality show, the singer was portrayed as the anti-Christ in mainstream media. Ozzy thinks that portrayal was a little unfair since there were many facets of himself that weren't talked about as much.

"People take me too damn serious," Ozzy states. "I mean, I have sung songs about the darker forces, but I've also written songs about everything across the spectrum from pollution to politics to war to poverty to happiness to a boy meets girl."

He continues: "People go, 'Oh, Ozzy Osbourne. He bites the heads off things and pissed up the Alamo.' I kinda feel typecast ... What I've desperately tried to get across is that if you think you know Ozzy Osbourne, you're only scratching the surface because I don't even know Ozzy Osbourne. I so often frequently surprise me, you know?"

We feel your pain, Ozzy.

Make sure to check out the whole In The Studio interview as it's an entertaining and fascinating piece. Do you think Ozzy has been portrayed unfairly in the media? Give us your thoughts below.

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