Speak like Yoda they did... yup, some linguist's are saying that way, way, way, back when, I'm talkin 50,000 BC here, our ancestors actually spoke like Yoda. For those of you Star Wars impaired that's the awesome little green effer who knows how to tear things up.

So lets break this down with a little bit of an english lesson for those of you who may not remember. When we talk a typical sentence would be the subject, followed by the verb then the object of the sentence. Yet when Yoda talks, it's the subject, then the object, then the verb.

Moral of the story is when you meet a dorky guy who is talking like Yoda, purely because he is a dork and loves him some Star Wars, you should not make fun of him. Because apparently Yoda had it right all along and was just following in the past of our ancestors!

So for everyone's enjoyment here is a Yoda video from when they recorded the Yoda voice for TomTom GPS.

[Via: HuffPo]