Ozzy hath called down the mighty thunder of Tommy Iommi and the other original members of Black Sabbath to create a new album. The whole project is supposed to be kind of a secret, but Ozzy Osbourne is not very good at keeping that secret.

The Dio led chapter of Black Sabbath had been pretty active in this decade with a new album and more. Ozzy has tried to reunite with them on a newly recorded album before, but the sessions fell apart and Ozzy further continued his solo career. Rolling Stone reports that Tommy Iommi told a British magazine the following in regards to the new Black Sabbath project--

We’re really looking forward to it and I think the stuff we’ve been writing is really good.

So as the masters of rock craft their dark brand of tunage, we can only wait and hope that the world isn't destroyed during the process!


In a statement, Iommi has reportedly denied the validity of the statement. However, his statement does not actually deny the crux of his statements: that Black Sabbath are reuniting for a new album and planned tour--reports Rolling Stone.